Dr. Robert Sleightholm

Dr. Sleightholm is a board certified FRCSC as well as CSPC and CSAPS certified talented plastic surgeon operating out of the Brampton Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa.  His dedication to his work has earned him a constantly growing group of satisfied, happy and loyal customers eager to provide references and testimonials to anyone that would ask.
This is not an easy feat considering Dr. Sleightholm performs over 200 procedures annually, however thanks to the passion for his work, his high ethical standards and no nonsense demeanour success becomes a natural progression in his line of work.
As a committed plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sleightholm ensures he stays up to date on the breakthroughs and developments in the world of plastic surgery by attending annual education sessions and conferences.
If you would like to learn more about Dr. Sleightholm and his areas of specialty please visit him at his main site www.bramptoncosmetic.com or call 905-451-5855 to book  a consultation.

Selecting the Right Plastic Surgeon

When considering any type of surgery, a patient should take reasonable precautions prior to proceeding with any type of treatment.  The internet is a great tool for research however information posted online can be biased and the best start towards researching a surgeon is to look up references of previous patients, as well as ensuring your selected doctor is certified as a surgeon.
In Canada all doctors must have a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (FRCSC) certification to perform plastic surgery. If the doctor you’re considering is unable to claim this certification proceeding with any form of surgery could put your life in danger regardless of how appealing their offer may be. However any doctor in Canada can perform cosmetic surgery, yet it is still wise to choose someone with experience and dedicated strictly to this vocation to ensure you receive the best care possible.
In addition to the FRCSC certification the plastic and cosmetic surgeon you’re considering should also be certified with The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS) and The Canadian Society of Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgeons (CSAPS). These professional organizations are the only ones recognized in Canada for specialists in plastic and cosmetic surgery. The members of these organizations follow a strict set of criteria established by CSAPS and holding such a designation ensures that your doctor holds to the highest of ethical standards in the profession.
You have to be comfortable with the surgeon you choose and their expertise and experience in the field. Dr. Robert Sleightholm talks about certification for cosmetic surgeons and how to choose a competent doctor for your plastic surgery.
Dr. Robert Sleightholm’s areas of specialty include body shaping and facial procedures. Learn more about plastic surgery and get advice about choosing a surgeon from Dr. Sleightholm.
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